Celebrate Veteran Patriotic Masks

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Liberty Bell and Flag Patriotic Masks

exploding fireworks maskThe word "Patriot" was coined around 1590 as a derivative of the word compatriot, which is a derivative of a french word, with roots in a Latin word and born out of a couple of Greek words all of which ultimately stood for "fellow-countryman". Now, who can argue with that? Technically speaking, the Latin words for father are Pater and Patr, one of which coincidentally begins the word PATRiot. Hmmm, does that make women or mothers the "iot" part? Just what does iot stand for? Yes, I have too much time on my hands... I researched the extension and found this site full of abbreviations of IOT. That sure could put a spin in the body politics double speak world. One definition iot: In-Orbit Test. Could the root word for patriot really be "Father in orbit test?" I'm just saying...

Patriotism is defined as devotion to one's country. Just how to practice that devotion to country seems to be a whole nuther subject entirely in many countries of the world. Here in the States, scratch a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or any number of other political parties and you'll get a wide range of theories and lofty ideals. Somehow, when the chips are down, we all manage to coalesce into community, so I figure it's all good, the spats and bickering.

A patriot is a person who sacrifices or serves for the country, such as a soldier in the United States Army, Marines or Navy and other military branches or services.

These flag abstracts, liberty bell and stars and stripes faces are easily recognized and well-known national symbols of patriotism in the United States.

You can find more patriotic theme images in my website Paper Snowflakes which has a great selection of color book images including my infamous "PatrioFlake" snowflake/flag combinations.

Perfect for 4th of July
Color Book Patriotic Masks