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mushroomhead1200Strange and Unusual Masks

These masks are just too strange to be placed in any other category except weird. I had fun with this category since I love to doodle. These pretty much came out of scribbles of mindless creativity. If you've never doodled, I recommend you give it a go. There are no mistakes in scribbling, just opportunities for the old grey cells to become activated by the miracle of the imaginative process.

The "Make Curly Hair" mask is especially fun because the child can cut out each strip of hair, then curl it with a pencil or other tubular shaped object to make the hair curl this way or that. Decorate your masks with cut and paste shapes of various decorations such as arrows, flowers and smileys. Sprinkle glitter onto the finished mash to give it a sparkling look. If you have needlepoint skills, make cloth masks and embroider colorful beads and sequins onto the face-masks for a holiday feel. Decorate paper masks with bits of fabric glued to the surface. Paint with water colors or pastels, crayons or markers. Enhance with ribbon, yarn and colorful cotton balls and/or feathers.

Print and trace the designs onto multi-color fun craft foam sheets to create colorful soft face masks. Use the left over trimmings of foam pieces to cut and paste designs and shapes onto the mask.

Silly Paper Face Masks