Birds Thunderbirds & Eagles

pueblo eagle The owl is a silent hunter and usually associated with darkness and night. Many different cultures consider the owl to be a bad omen and a sign of impending death. The eagle is thought to be the master of the sky and a carrier of prayers sent to the Great Spirit and possessor of courage and wisdom.. This bird is a "directional protector" associated with the sky spirits and visions.

eagle-thunder-birdBird feathers are symbols of prayers as well and may appear on clothing or tools as plain, banded, barred, or decorated.. Some feathers can represent the Creative Force. Feathers of geese adorn arrows to represent the long flights of geese during seasonal migrations. Eagle feathers are connected with honor or closeness to the Creator.

Printable Native American symbols, patterns and decorations for young children to print, cut out with scissors, color, and decorate with crayons, markers, glitter, feathers, yarn, colorful papers and fabrics.


indian-eagle-symbolEach symbol or pattern has a brief overview of the Hopi religious and ceremonial meaning and purpose of the design plus links to one or more educational resource for further study. Children can use these patterns and designs to decorate kachinas.

Decorated kachinas will make great wall hanging decorations for both children and grown-up parties with thematic events.