Creature Kachina Symbols

symbols-turtleBears are thought to possess sacred healing power. The bears are Directional Protectors of the West. Possessors of physical strength, leadership, bears, deer and other animals are throught of as "first helper", in creation stories. The coyote is believed to be a trickster with powerful hunting abilities, but can be considered a bad omen of trouble to come. The coyote god and fetish has the ability to find things. Printable Native American symbols, patterns and decorations for young children to print, cut out with scissors, color, and decorate with crayons, markers, glitter, feathers, yarn, colorful papers and fabrics.

Symbols and patterns have brief overviews of meaning and purpose of the design. Children can use these patterns and designs to decorate kachinas.

Animal Tracks

symbols-animal-trackWolf Tracks, along with other predator markings indicate directional indicators and can indicate a clan kinship or symbolic of authority and leadership.

Avanyu Sky Snake

symbols-avanyu-sky-snakeAvanyu Sky Snake the Hopi horned or plumed serpent Awanyu uncannily resembles the Aztec Quetzecoatl, as does the Hopi legend of the Pahana. Snake, found in many healing and fertility rituals, is connected with lightning, the male organ, speed, and being able to move undetected. He is usually depicted with his tongue extended. He is also considered a hunter, and in some emergence stories is "first helper", although his nature is usually more ominous. Avanyu, the feathered skysnake. Frequently found in Tewa, Keres and Zuni pottery and in some jewelry. He is the storm bringer, the changer of seasons. Connected with lightning, thunderstorms and violent, sudden change.

Gila Monster

symbols-gila-monsteriSome Native American tribes believed that the breath of a Gila Monster could kill a man, other tribes believed that the lizard somehow possessed a spiritual power that could cause sickness.

Gila Monster is a common, and dangerous, desert lizard, the only venomous lizard native to the United States. It moves very slowly, and the Gila monster's bite is normally not fatal to adult humans. It gets its name from the Gila River Basin in Arizona, where the lizards were once plentiful. turtles