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Star Bright Celestials

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smiley face sun spike rays1200Old Sol Mask Activities for Kids

The sun is the source of Earth's warmth and holds a prominent place in folk art and mask art subjects. Some of these sun images are based upon folk art motifs that have been handed down from mother to daughter for centuries. Children will enjoy coloring and decorating for spring and summer celebrations and events such as the Sun God Festival, Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) and First Day of Summer, as winter finally loosens its grip and lets the warm sunshine through.

Make sun-filled paper plate masks for the summer vacation romp away from home. Take these sunshine prints to the family picnic outing for the kids to color and wear.

Most of these sun shine images are available as complete (without the eye holes) in Scissorcraft These suns would make excellent wall hangings or fun ornaments.

Make soft ornaments with foam sheets or cloth scraps. Cut out with scroll saw for permanent ornaments that you can give away as treasured hand-made gifts. Embroider sun images on pillow cases or snaz up a dowdy gown with a bright shining spherical of hot plasma interwoven with magnetic fields...uh, sorry...sun!

Sunny Solar Face Masks