Edibles Candy and Foods Backgrounds

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pumpkins orange and greenFood & Candy Backgrounds

Most of these images appear throughout the scissorcraft sites as backgrounds to the colorful versions of the 2-color versions.  

I placed them here because I thought the colorful baclgrounds might come in handy as

  • interesting wallpaper for the pc
  • backgrounds in photo frames
  • backdrops to awesome dioramas  
  • kinte style woven mats


Cut the pre-colored images into pieces to make puzzles. Cut into uneven squares and reassemble to create a mosaic or strips to weave kinte cloth place mats.  print and color images from other locations on scissorcraft and mount the finished designs onto any of these colorfun scenic backgrounds. Other uses, laminate and make place mats or coasters. 

Cut into snowflakes - print, fold and cut into any of the 2, 3, 4, or 6 sided folding templates located at papersnowflakes.com

These scenic gems not only make great backgrounds but are also fun to paint or color like paint by numbers sheets from childhood only without the numbers.   Paint by number kits are fun for a while but blank canvas is always preferrable for the creative process to truly grow.  I've resisted adding numbers to indicate colors to these sketches for that reason.   If an artist believes grass should be pink, orange or purple who am I to argue ;-)