sectioned circles diamonds rainbow

Symmetrical Geometric Shapes

Repeating, abstract geometric shape combinations can create interesting stain-glass effects when applied to a graphic art program kaliedoscope or pattern generating feature.  The simple act of cutting of a circle shape in half and rearrange in various angles can produce an unlimited combination of eye-pleasing designs.

Images of stars, diamonds, circles, hexagons, etc, when combined into repeating patterns often disappear completely with the combination of shapes produce entirely new dominent shapes.  

For instance, the kepler star image, when applied as a repeating pattern takes on the appearance of cubes and diamonds.   The star shape virtually disappears.  Check each gift wrap pattern's title, such as the 8-point-star below, and images with "circle" in the title then try to determine the original shapes.kepler star in stain glassiconkepler star in stain glass

Abstract Symmetrical Shapes Gift Wrap