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Witches and Halloween Creeps

Ghouls are the bogey men, the fiendish jinn who feed on human corpses, rob graves and otherwise delight in evil practices of the dark spirit world. The word "Ghoul" comes from the Arabic word "ghul" for a devilish type of jinn, a demon that dwells in graveyards and uninhabited places. According to folk lore, ghouls are shape shifters who can disguise themselves as animals, and apparently prey on young children, drinks blood and eats the dead. Can we say eeeew?

Frighten your friends, classmates and coworkers these spooky ghoulish stencil images. Create scary Halloween Trick or Treat party decorating ornaments for an especially horrifying fright night celebration.

Superstitious folk seeking supernatural protection from the most base, evil our collective minds can conjure. Ghouls are the devil, the bogey man, the dreaded Jinn who feast on the dead and torment the living.

These shifty shape shifting specters can assume the identity of any animal or person they eat, so watch out for the jinn if you know what's good for you.

These Halloween printable color book monsters of mayhem are perfect for children of all age and skill levels to color with crayons or markers. Those who cannot use scissors but want to enjoy the night of the walking dead October festivities will appreciate these All Saints´ Day ghoulish pumpkin outlines.