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Easy Halloween Games

Super Easy Halloween Games

Children can improve dexterity with simple and fun drag and drop javascript games. These simple games allow children to decorate a fat, tall and short shaped pumpkin image in the form of a ignis fatuus or Jack O' Lantern. There are no score boards, no "'next level" hooks, just drag and drop fun.

These halloween games are intended for preschool children. The images are provided in color book and carving format in Paper Pumpkins for Children web site where you can find hundreds of easy carving stencil templates for pumpkins, gourds, turnips and watermelon, along with color book masks and other Halloween theme images for kids.

Simple Trick or Treat Season Games

Decorate the Fat PumpkinFat Jack O'Lantern Drag images around the pumpkin to make a face
Make a Virtual Crop Circle Make a Crop Circle Help the Ancient Aliens make a cropcircle to send a message to space.