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These mask templates are the very formats I used to make most of the face-masks in color book masks web site. I think it is important to always provide plain, basic and not decorated illustrations in my craft websites instead of only providing the images I design. You will find blank color book templates scattered throughout all of Scissor craft's web sites. After all, children need to experiment and find their own talents with a little guidance along the way. My decorated masks provide them with ideas with which they can apply to these templates. Print out these formats for the kids so they can create their own personalized and unique face masks for any occasion or event.

Both half-face and full face masks are provided in blank color book form. Children can design their masks and invent themes, plays and stories to make them come to life. Create fun wall hanging decorations with paper mache' or other molding materials. Decorate for theme parties and special events or family gatherings.

Cut out the patterns with scroll saw and make cute tree ornaments, or make soft decorations out of cloth or foam sheets. Color with Crayons or markers, or depending upon your choice of medium, paint with water colors or acrylic. Apply laminate to preserve paper masks, or varnish to preserve wooden ornaments.

Printable Color Book Template Masks