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folding skull haunted house folding card craft1200Folding Fun for Spooky Times

Many Halloween moons ago Mad Magazine would print a folding puzzle on their back cover (as my old brain remembers) and I thoroughly enjoyed discovering the secret picture. I would try to envision what it would be then fold the image to see how close my guess work had been. 

I designed the Halloween Haunted House Skull and Upside Down Hanging Bat Pumpkin face puzzles with Mad Magazine in mind.  You can easily create your own secret images by lightly penciling fold lines onto a piece of paper then illustrating one main image such as the hanging bat then create two images on each end that will change into something new when the paper is folded to tie the two images together.

Children will enjoy creating and decorating horridly fun night of the living dead, hand-made candy baskets, paper spooky cats, bats, werewolves and spiders, party invitations, ornaments, snowflakes and folding messages.

Folding paper crafts and activities children will enjoy. Create mortifying and monstrous Halloween party decorations for uber spooky fright night festivities. Introduce concepts of Kirigami and Origami with these Halloween animals and images.