sad and depressedHumans have a wide range of emotions positive and negative that drive our motivations and interests. The basics are excitement, happiness, tenderness, sadness, anger and fright. Take the emotion of affection. Without this feeling of tenderness we would not be able to easily connect or identify with other people, family members or friends.

Out of Control Emotionally

Without anger we would have no motivation to change undesirable aspects of our lives because we would not care to get upset enough to embrace change. The emotion of annoyance is sort of a mini-angry feeling that drives us to slather on mosquito spray on hot August nights or seek out the quietest corner of the library to study for exams.

Non-superstitious individuals might view October 31st as an excuse to go out for a night of exciting, euphoric revelry at wild costume parties or to simply pig out on candies and chocolates. Slightly superstitious folk might feel a sense of dread as Halloween guising night approaches, not really believing the stories and wild claims of walking dead and spiritual apparitions, but taking precautions never the less to protect themselves from the actions of hooligans or begging tricksters. Really superstitious people may experience palm-sweating terror just at the thought of zombies and werewolves roaming the once peaceful neighborhood sidewalks.

Halloween encompasses a range of emotions for many people from down-right terror to thrilling euphoria. Believers in supernatural events might be filled with dread at the anticipation of the coming Night of the Dead when ghouls and wandering revenants show up at the door to create madness and mayhem.

Brighten your fright night festivities with a collections of emotional theme pumpkin to illuminate the pathway to your haunted house. Greet your guests with an assortment of mad, glad or sad faces to look on as hungry little costumed ghouls and goblins feast on candy and treats. Can't decide upon a theme or style? Print color and assemble the emotion-filled Spinning Chart of Chance to let the fickle hand of fate determine the theme of your Halloween affair.