electric cat1200Snapping Snarling Creatures of the Dark

Sometimes I think if it weren't for those spooky iridescent eyes glowing in the darkness scaring the Begeezus out of people for a millenia, there probably wouldn't be a Halloween festival. Ancient people in attempts to control the uncontrollable and understand the natural world, would wear animal masks and skins in order to impersonate and communicate with the spirits who were thought to rule everything. A shaman who could talk to the animals was a good thing, at least in some cultures. We think nothing of talking to our pets today but Medieval peoples viewed those who talked to their animals with suspicion and fear, often persecuting those who seemed unusually familiar with the animal realm.

Bewitched and Haunted Pumpkin Critters

Halloween is an extension of that level of ignorance only now, instead of burning suspected witches and chasing Beasts of Gévaudan lycanthropes, shape-shifters and victims of congenital porphyria under the light of the full moon, we some-what intelligently dress up in costume and stuff ourselves silly with sugary candies and chocolate bars. This assortment of printable animal shape Jack O-Lantern Halloween fright night templates covers a range of commonly known animals such as horses, cows, cats and dogs, bats and rats. Make your All Hallow's Eve

Halloween spook house extra scary with these animal faces and shapes.

Illuminate the fright night festivities with candle filled carved pumpkins or gourds to help guide visiting goblins along the haunted pathway to your creepy castle where all the hungry zombies and scary costumed creatures gather to feast on candy and treats. Print these template patterns to create dozens of ornaments and decorations to hang in the windows or decorate the newly dug graveyard in what used to be your neatly manicured front lawn. Print the Halloween pumpkin carving stencil patterns and trace the design into the flesh of your pumpkin or gourd with a poker or the point of a toothpick or pencil.