Zoological Animal Masks

Panda Bear MaskIf there's only one thing I know for a fact, it's that children love animals. With these critters, a child can transform into a chattering monkey, a kitty or puppy, or become the brave and mighty leader of a den of ferocious grizzly bears or a pride of African lions roaming the Serengeti.

These beastly masks include creatures ranging from a ferocious Bengal Tiger to a sweet little lamb chop. Let your child choose their favorite beast to decorate and wear to make them come to life with stories and song. Make paper Maché face-masks to use as wall hanging decorations for the home, apartment or enhance the festivities and mood of parties and thematic events. Make masks for your dolls at Halloween to include them in their pretend holiday. Trace the patterns onto colorful foam sheets. Mix glittery foam sheets with solid colors to make stunning face masks or hanging ornaments.

It occurs to me a person skilled in wood working or skill saw craft could make a silly car toy for a child who can wear the face-mask to match. .

Nature Theme Creature Masks

My father would collect masks and hang them on the wall. I really thought it was strange that he always would tape paper eyeballs inside the masks so they looked like someone was always watching. I thought it was funny as well as an odd thing to do, but I neglected to asked why. Now, some of the masks hang in my house, but no paper eyeballs for me!

Many of these pr


ables are available in different versions at ScissorCraft.com. Have some good ol creative fun and print the little car animal masks then navigate to silly cars page to find the images that match, then decorate both at the same time.