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The belief in angels by various religions, dates as far back as ancient Egypt and with early Jewish descriptions of angelic appearances.

Angels are often depicted as winged guardians of the gates of heaven. However, scholars of angelology (the theological study of angels) reveal that while cherubim and seraphim have wings, there are no mentions of angels with wings. These supernatural messengers from heaven are also often illustrated wearing ornately decorated, flowing gowns. Some religions view angels as messengers of God, sent to deliver messages or save or protect people in perilous times. Other's view angels as spirits of people who have passed away or have not yet been born.

Fairy, Angel and Cupid or Cherub Masks

Different types of Angels include:

  • Malachim - Malakh, messenger angel
  • Seraphim - Seraph, flaming angels who sing and praise God
  • Cherubim - Cherub, appears in the Garden of Eden story, considered the guardian of the Tree of life. Cherubim and Seraphim never sleep, because they are thought to guard the throne of God
  • Ophanim ofanim, also Ophde, Angelic princes who are the actual wheels or galgallin the Lord's Heavenly Chariot.
  • Chayot HaKodesh: Literally means "living beings" described as having the shape of a man but four wigs annd four faces, one of a man, lion, bull and eagle.

The color book angels in this section don't belong to any official "angel" category and have no particular meaning other than to entertain a child's fantasy.

It is interesting to note that an internet search for angel or angelic images reveals a majority of modern angels appear female or feminized, even though historically they are described as male gender beings with masculine names attached.