Feathered Fowl

starling bird Bird Ornament and Coloring Flying Fowl

Have fun with these flying fowl color book bird images.  Ever get chased by an angry goose? When it happens to you it's seriously scary, but to everyone else looking on it is a hysterical laugh fest. It's happened to me, how about you?

When we first moved into our neighborhood, years ago, for the first few years we rarely heard birds chirping. I never knew why there seemed so few birds because it is a well wooded neighborhood. I planted a bunch of trees in the yard and hung out a bird feeder anyway.

For many years I think we just contributed to the squirrel population but gradually a few birds started showing up. I'd say we have a fairly good size bird population now, nothing that will excite the avid birder though, mostly blue jays and ravens, but frequently flocks of goldfinches and tits will swarm the yard.

many years ago I'd watch swallow tails nightly nesting ritual an old, unused, schoolhouse chimney. Literally thousands of swallows would barrel down the chimney in a dark, swirling cloud. It still mystifies me how they all fit in the chimney.